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  • The Cheesecake Factory
    Ground Floor, The Dubai Mall, Financial Centre Road
    Downtown Dubai, Near Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
    PO Box:  1277 Dubai
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    • 26 Aug 2012
      Stupendo fantabulously fantastic place a must visit !!! Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake is to die for and the only downside was the awful crowd but hey who cares when you have truly scrumptious menu ;)
    • 30 Aug 2012
      Nice food and service.. After battling the line and time of waiting, had a superb strawberry cheesecake..Food is li'l expensive but worth spending..
    • 18 Sep 2012
      Besides the good food and relaxing ambiance, their customer service standards is very high. We saw that their staff are happy and has that vibrant energy. We were just a bit disappointed with their Black Coffee because it was not as we expected .However, we don't mind queuing up again next Saturday as early as 10:30 AM just to experience this fine restaurant.
    • "the cheesecake factory is a 4...out of 5..."10 Feb 2014
      Yes, I love cheesecake factory...I was with my daughter, mother, brother and a nephew. Tasted good for that double chocolate cheesecake...I give a 4 for that...Would love to go back there with my daughter... -- Lhia
    • "Awesome!"11 Feb 2014
      Awesome! =) -- Andrew
    • "yummy complimentary bread"11 Feb 2014
      had been to dubai mall branch, very busy and luckily waited for around 20 mins ( just got lucky normally waiting time is around 40 mins) the ambiance is nice what surprise me is their complimentary bread specially the brown one taste really good, love their chicken selection and their signature cheese cake (forgot the name but its name perfect for an anniversary celebration, love their service very attentive team members and will definitely come back thumbs up! -- Christopher
    • "Great food"13 Feb 2014
      Waiting for a table is a hussle. But once you get in, you won't regret waiting. Food is awesome. -- Rhey
    • 13 Feb 2014
      I can't get enough of this place. Great food, great location and great service. They recently offer a new lighter menu, which is great for those watching their calories. I had an issue once with the food, and was surprised when the manager came to apologize and offer another item free of charge. Simply amazing. -- Sarahsofia
    • "What a cake!"19 Feb 2014
      It has to be said that their service is quite nice. Now let's talk about their deliciously mouth watering food...well I'd sell my soul for a small tiny bite of their cakes! -- Basel
    • "Delicious food & great location!"19 Feb 2014
      Right at the heart of Dubai Mall, this restaurant offers excellent food and desserts. Great staff and service make it a must visit for me. -- Ashima
    • "The Cheesecake Factory"20 Feb 2014
      I love their cheesecakes! -- liza